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An Ancestry Group meeting at the Museum A mailing list is an easy way for people to discuss a common interest on-line. Many people correspond with a circle of correspondents by setting up a "group e-mail list", so that a single click on the group name will send an e-mail to all the people in that group. The problem with this is that everyone has to set up their own group, and alter it whenever someone joins or leaves.

A mailing list is just the same, except that it's maintained on a central computer rather than on individuals' computers. This means that someone can join or leave a mailing list, or change their e-mail address, without all of the other members having to do anything. As with groups, members just address their correspondence to one e-mail address and it automatically gets sent to all of the other members.

The Woodchurch Ancestry Group are now running a mailing list, hosted on Rootsweb and managed by Ancestry Group member Gary Samson. To join, just click the Mail logo in the grey box below and when an e-mail appears just send it off. Don't worry about the word "subscribe" that appears in the email: this is just the precise terminology that all mailing lists seem to use - it just means "join", and will not cost you anything. You will then be added to the mailing list and - once you have received the welcoming message - any e-mail that you address to:-


will be automatically circulated to all members of the mailing list without your having to worry about who they are.

Use the mailing list to:-

  • Ask for help or advice on Woodchurch genealogy;
  • Share your successes and problems with others;
  • Stay in touch with other strands of research.

We hope that you will join the list - there are many other experts on the list who may be able to assist you.

Unless you send a message to the list, your own e-mail address remains private and is not visible to other list members. You don't need to worry about receiving 'spam', as Rootsweb lists have good spam filters and all messages are in plain text without attachments, so cannot carry viruses. Do send a "hello" message to the list, to introduce yourself and your interests.

When replying to a list message, do use "Reply-All" rather than just Reply, so that the whole list will get the benefit of your response.

Common things that you
might want to do:

To do this Do this
Subscribe to (join) the list Click here   Join the WOODCHURCH mailing list and then send the resulting e-mail off.
Unsubscribe from (leave) the list Click here   Leave the WOODCHURCH mailing list and then send the resulting e-mail off.
Send a "Hello" message
(after subscribing)
Click here   Send a Hello message  and then complete the message in your own way.
Send a message to the list Click here   Send a message  and then type your message.
Read the List Archive Click here.

Please note:
The address ENG-KEN-WOODCHURCH-REQUEST@rootsweb.com (note the addition of the word REQUEST) is only to be used for subscribing and unsubscribing to the list. Also, anyone who tries to post before subscribing will have their mails diverted to the list manager.

PLEASE NOTE The list is unmoderated - whatever someone sends to it gets circulated. There is no centralised control. This means that everyone needs to pay conscious attention to good manners at all times: not that WOODCHURCH researchers need to be told this, of course!