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Welcome to the Woodchurch Genealogy site. This site is provided to assist those who are interested in their family history and have ancestors who lived in Woodchurch, Kent. It brings together the research and interests of the Woodchurch Ancestry Group and the resources available at the Woodchurch Village Life Museum.

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The Woodchurch Ancestry Group is a group of family historians which grew out of the Woodchurch Local History Society. It was formerly known as the 14+ group. Members are researching a wide range of families from Woodchurch and may be able to assist you with your own research. Several members have deposited material with the Museum and is available for study. Others have carried out transcribing projects and much of this is online.

The Social History of Woodchurch

Saturday 5th July 2014

The Woodchurch Ancestry Group, will be holding our 4th Exhibition of Family and Local History on Saturday 5th July 2014 at the Memorial Hall, Woodchurch.

This time our focus is on the Social History of Woodchurch, looking at what it was like to live there over the last 600 years or so, from Mediaeval Times right up to the 20th century.

We are also working on a new book to accompany the exhibition, a Social History with articles on different aspects of life in the village illustrated with many photos not previously published. This will be on sale at the Exhibition with funds going to support the Woodchurch Village Life Museum.

Our transcription experts will be on hand to help demolish your brickwalls, or to point out possible next steps in your research.

Lunches and refreshments will be available.

We hope to welcome as many of you as possible. Do let us know if you are planning to come. Contact .

'Leaving Woodchurch'
Summer Exhibition 2011

Saturday 16th July 2011

On Saturday 16th July 2011 the Woodchurch Ancestry Group held their third exhibition of local and family history in the Memorial Hall in Woodchurch.

This exhibition focussed on the theme 'Leaving Woodchurch'.

The exhibition and accompanying book highlighted different families' stories of emigration: What was Woodchurch like to live in when they left? What were conditions like on board their ships? What was life like in their new homes?

'Woodchurch in 1871'
Summer Exhibition 2008

Saturday 12th July 2008  11:00-4:00 pm

The exhibition was a major success and enjoyed by everyone present.

More photographs by Gary Samson can be found here.