700 Type Telephone

706 Type Telephone

Introduced in 1959, the initial 700 type telephone used the 300 Type body with a new handset and transmission circuit. However, this was a stopgap until a new plastic body could be developed. The design for the new 706 body is generally considered to stem from the American Bell 500 telephone, but the Automatic Electric AE80 of 1954, see below, is actually much closer in style.

AE80 phone

The use of plastic meant that a greater range of colours could be used. The new transmission circuit featured a regulator which adapted the gain to compensate for line length, as the more sensitive earpiece would otherwise have produced excessive loudness on short lines. Another innovation was the now universal curly cord.

Dual Green 706

The two-tone green was a particularly pleasant version in my opinion. Later 706s had clear plastic dials, but the early models had coloured ones. Some private venture versions of the 706 had metal dials.

Many different variants of the basic 700 type were produced, including a wall mounting version Tele 711.

706 wall version

However, the basic desk version could also be made into a wallphone.

Another main variant was the Tele 710, equipped to have up to 4 buttons for use in various Planset variations. (The standard 706 had just one button mounting)

Tele 710Closeup of Tele 710

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